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Secure®  (Fungicide) 

Introducing Secure®, a new contact fungicide for use in your disease management programs. Secure is registered for the control of Dollar spot, Microdochium patch, Anthracnose and Brown patch. It contains a unique active ingredient, fluazinam, which belongs to FRAC group 29. It is the only turf fungicide in Canada belonging to the pyridinamine class of chemistry which makes it ideal for incorporating into your disease management programs. 

Active Ingredient: Fluazinam

Product Benefits

  • Secure® is ideal for inclusion in IPM programs designed to minimize disease resistance.

  • Excellent partner for products that require the use of a protectant fungicide with a different mode of action.

Turf Safety: 

Secure® Fungicide is an effective disease control product when used according to label directions for control of dollar spot, anthracnose, Microdochium patch and brown patch of turf. Secure® Fungicide is recommended for use as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, which may include the use of cultural practices, biological control agents, pest scouting and disease forecasting systems aimed at preventing economic pest damage. Practices known to reduce disease development should be followed.

For Control Of: 

  • Dollar Spot
  • Microdochium Patch
  • Brown Patch
  • Anthracnose

Current Approved Label

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Safety Data Sheet

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Mode of Action

Secure® fungicide is one of three contact fungicides currently available in Canada. It is of utmost importance to include contact fungicides in your disease management regimen to help avoid the development of fungicide resistance. Secure fungicide helps to keep fungal populations in check by inhibiting the growth of fungal mycelium on the outside of the plant. It works by disrupting the production of energy at multiple metabolic sites within fungal cells. If the fungus cannot produce energy, it cannot survive, and you avoid disease symptom development on your well-maintained turf.

Mode of Action: Non specific, decoupling of electron transport x phosphorylation reaction

Secure® delivers 8 grams of active ingredient per 100m2, about 12x less than Daconil 2787® at a typical rate. Golf Course Superintendents can achieve reduced environmental loading without compromising efficacy with new chemistry.

FRAC Group: 29

Case Size: 2 x 3.78 L  jugs

Case Coverage: 4.72 ha (11.7 acres)

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Don’t just protect, Secure®.

Defend against key diseases like dollar spot, Anthracnose, Microdochium patch – and more.

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Looking for Secure® application information? 

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