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Most useful webinar I think I have ever attended. Thank you! @miru #webinar
I'm not kidding when I say this is the most fun I've ever had on a webinar. Well played, @miru.
Excited for another #webinar! @miru always has loads of great info packed into webinars.


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You’re a short putt away…
from qualifying for a Syngenta Spring Bundle rebate!

For every 12-point bundle: Receive a $420 instant rebate

Purchase two or more 12-point bundles: 

Receive an additional $420 Fall Season Voucher per bundle


Program subject to change, at Syngenta’s discretion. For more information, talk to your Syngenta Turf Specialist, visit Greencast.ca, contact our Customer Interaction Centre at 1 87 SYNGENTA (1‑877‑964‑3682) or follow @SyngentaTurfCA on Twitter. 

Always read and follow label directions. Acelepryn®, Ascernity™, GreenPartners®, Heritage Maxx®, Hicure™, Medallion®, Posterity®, Primo  Maxx®, and the Syngenta logo are trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company. Civitas Turf Defense™ is a trademark of Suncor Energy Inc. Used under license. Secure® is a registered trademark of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. 

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Don't think you can bundle with the big clubs?

Let us show you how...


This superintendent didn’t think their purchases would qualify them for any savings. 

Ah – but wait! Creating this 12-point bundle covered off insect pests, growth regulation and all their major diseases for the entire season on greens. And – with plenty of rotational chemistry to boot. *Chef’s kiss* It’s a work of bundling art!

12-pt sample bundle pictured: Secure (case), Acelepryn (jug), Primo Maxx (jug), Ascernity (jug).


One is the loneliest number. So, add a second bundle! It not only unlocks greater savings but could help you cover off a dollar spot application on your fairways, and a patch disease treatment.

Building a dynamic bundle duo also adds more rotational options on greens – plus a voucher you can use towards your fall snow mould app.

Nothin’ but birdies here.  

Additional 12-pt sample bundle pictured: Medallion (case), Posterity (jug), Heritage Maxx (jug).

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Acelepryn® insecticide
Ascernity™ fungicide
Civitas Turf Defense™ fungicide
Heritage Maxx® fungicide
Hicure™ biostimulant – NEW for 2024!
Medallion® fungicide
Posterity® fungicide
Primo Maxx® plant growth regulator
Secure® fungicide

Ascernity™ fungicide: 3 points
Medallion fungicide: 3 points
Hicure™ biostimulant: 4 points
Secure fungicide: 5 points
Heritage Maxx fungicide: 6 points
Primo Maxx plant growth regulator: 6 points
Posterity fungicide: 12 points
Acelepryn insecticide: 12 points
Civitas Turf Defense fungicide: 1 point

April 1, 2024 – May 31, 2024.

Sure, your vouchers can be used towards any Syngenta turf product…but you can maximize their value by using them to purchase bundles!

Start building your bundle now!
Check out our complete program guide for more information.

Start building your bundle now!
Check out our complete program guide for more information.